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Lethal Gaming is the most decorated clan in Call of Duty history, holding 64 COD: ELITE championship badges. In addition to our success throughout MW3 and BO2, we were named the Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan War Champions, dominating the diamond division leaderboards. Lethal Gaming, which will henceforth be written as LG, has been a Call of Duty Clan since the release of the Treyarch title "Call of Duty: World at War." LG's leader and founder, Ed Hammer (LETHALxHAMMER), has led this clan through 64 Call of Duty Elite Clan Wars and one stunning victory in Clan Wars.

On top of the many victories and triumphs LG has had, LG is also known to be very family oriented and care very much for one another. We support each other in both times of victories, and times of hard ship. We are always there for one another when we play video games: always inviting one another to play and encouraging each other to get involved in clan affairs, being respectful to one another, staying positive, and sharing in good jokes and laughter. However, we have also been there for each other when a "family" is needed the most: through times of hardship, the loss of loved ones, when someones is needed to talk to, and so on. Many of our members know each other on somewhat of a personal level and we will stand by each other at all times. LG is a clan that has and always will be successful because we care about each other and in the group as a whole.

LG members do more than just play video games. In fact, we have always been involved in a great deal of things and know how to have a good time. For the past two years, Ed Hammer has invited the group to Florida for a week long vacation in which quite a few of us been involved in. I (Nacho) was blessed with the ability to participate in such vacation last year. We had an absolute blast! It was a great experience to get to know everyone and was also a great experience to get to know my "family" on a more personal level. From smashing into each other with go-carts, to golfing at one of the finest golf courses Disney has to offer, I will never forget the awesome experience.

LG does even more than that outside of video gaming. For the past two years, as well, we have held many charity events to give to those in need. Every year, including this year coming, we hold a 24 hour live-stream charity event on our twitch channel to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. I'm talking thousands of dollars have been raised for our wounded veterans. With event sponsors like Scuff Gaming, Squidgrips, Kontrol Freek, Gunner Glasses, and more, no wonder it was such a huge success. However, we have more to thank than our awesome event sponsors. The members of LG really know how to get together and collaborate to make our charity events a huge success.

What are LG's plans for the years to come? We will never give up, we will never compromise. We are Lethal Gaming and we will be the best we can be. There may be a time when we have to give up the title as the most Dominate Clan in Call of Duty; we may not. Who knows? One thing I do know is: with Ed hammer at the whelm of leadership, and with the assistance of others who mange the clan and its members, we will continue our success story, continue being the close knit family we are, and continue making memories that will last a lifetime.

I am Aaron Csetter (A Redneck Nacho) and I'm proud to be a member of Lethal Gaming. If you want to be apart of our clan as a member and continue with us on our journey, feel free to submit and application. If you want to support us in other ways, feel free to contact LETHALxHAMMER, or any of the other awesome members in leadership and we will be sure to do all that we can to get you involved. "LETHAL GAMING - TOGETHER WE WILL!"
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Clan Wars 2015

LETHALxHAMMER tagtagtagtagtag posted Sep 27, 14
Hello people first off i want to say i have no inside info or any knowledge of whats in-store for clan wars on Advanced Warfare.I do have the knowledge that i have accumulated from playing in clan wars on Ghosts.With that being said i fully expect we will see little if any changes to how clan wars are done.Trey Beachhead and Felix Gallo have done a very nice job of making clan wars balanced enough to allow all clans to be competitive,under the current structure it rewards activity more than skill.Simply put you have seen clans with less talent per say beat clans with more skill simply because they have more activity within their clan.Back on MW3 and BO2 clan ops could be played with as little as 6 members and those ops could be won with just those 6 members playing.The issue with clan ops is the system eliminated 39,996 of the 40,000 clans playing.Under the current Clan War system everyone who plays can win their war and compete for the Leader Board Championship.The idea behind clan wars is to get clan involved and keep them involved.Many clans quit clan ops because a few clans dominated clan ops thus giving small clan nothing to play for because they had no chance of winning.Clan wars as we have just witnessed keep many clans involved from start to finish.Its is my belief the current system works,however one huge flaw exists clans have to kick long time members and friends to remain competitive. That is a HUGE problem one that plagued even clan wars.Gone are the 100 man clans one s staple on call of duty have vanished almost completely.Beachhead must implement a system that allows us to keep members and friends on our roster while allowing us to be competitive.I suggest a system similar to Fantasy Football,a leader selects a starting line-up and only those members are scored.they should also max out the top bucket at 72.This would give each 100 man clan 28 subs to keep on the roster as back ups.

These are my thoughts i hope Trey and Felix can help stop the insanity and keep the work load of a clan leader down to a minimum.Its a struggle to manage 100 members for very little reward.

Til next time
Hammer out   
Redd Yeah that fantasy style with having a full roster and setting a line for the upcoming 'clan war' is ideal. If they can p ...

Lethal Gaming in its current form was formed two years ago.We were spawned from the number one ctf clan in the world. I LethalxHammer have been the leader of Lethal Gaming since 2007.Looking back at the last two years we have seen many many talented members come and go.The true Lethal Gaming members stay because this is where HOME is. Legend's like Ill Mitch 1 ,Winner LG  and Native LG still call Lethal Gaming home.

While the faces of Lethal Gaming have changed the results have not,we are still one of the most dominant clans in the world. Losing some tenured members who no longer agreed with the direction of the clan was a minor set back.However they were all quickly replaced with bucket loads of mega-beasts which you see today ! Members like SquisheyPancake.Suplexes,Swift Karmuh,Zink v,Cured Apathy,Silver Bullet  and many other great players who fill out our roster today.

While continuing to play in call of duty elite clan wars , we have branched out into esports with some success.Lead by LethalDonnx our team Lethal Black finished 32nd at last years UMG Dallas and 45th at this years UGC Niagara .We will also attend MLG Anaheim with a new Lethal Gaming comp team made up of all west coast studs.Lethal Black will make another appearance at the 2014 UMG Dallas event.I secured the team pass just last weekend.

In closing this is a brief update of where we stand as of today.I would like to thank everyone in Lethal Gaming for having faith in me as your leader and I would also like to thank all of our friends and twitter supporters.

It has been an amazing two years I hope we can continue to grow and meet the expectations we have set forth.Thank you for all the support !


Ed Hammer