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I feel this needs to be posted so everyone knows the truth about the end of the partnership between Lethal Gaming and RevolutioN eSports. The decision was not an easy one for me.I love and respect Pete and Bert very much.I consider them both brothers.My reason was a simple one,i can not be the partner they deserve.The are going 200 mph and with everything i am involved in with Lethal Gaming and in my personal life i just can not commit to being the partner they deserve.I have a handicapped child and work 50 hours a week add all my duties to LG it came down to which would i choose Comp or LG.I will always choose LG it is my creation and i will never walk away.Pete and Bert will have a top program because the are committed to their program and players.I sincerely wish them all the best,Lethal Gaming will continue in the comp world with Lethal Black .LB is a team made up of members of LG members,while i know we will never be Optic i know we will have fun and compete to the best of our abilities.With the launch of MLG.TV/LethalGaming  we are exited about the future of Lethal Gaming.We will continue to what LG does.

Ed Hammer 
I was asked by Lethal Gaming to write a little something to "induct" my friend Andy Mosberger aka Mossy Oak into their Hall of Fame. 
How could I say no?
Mossy has been one of my best friends ever since we met. Although we've never gotten the chance to meet face to face I can safely say there is no better friend in my life than Mossy. He's the type of person that if I told him I needed his help, he'd probably be out the door driving south while still talking to me on the phone. 
That's a quality that's hard to find in people nowadays. Loyalty, Honesty, Dedication. Just a few words that describe Mossy to a T. 
He's a devoted husband and father who manages to find time for video games somehow in-between working nights in an under-appreciated industry as a Coal Miner. We met some time in between 2007-2008, I couldn't exactly tell you the date but as a gamer I can tell you it was during COD4 and World At War. We were in another gaming clan that was geared towards older gamers, which is exactly what we were and still are. We would party up each night after I got home from work and just before Mossy had to go to work. We had that 5-6 hour window each night that was our escape from all the worries of work and daily struggle of adulthood to just play video games. To have fun. As we gamed each night in Call of Duty we became better at it and our close knit group started to grow. Including Mossy's wife Cheryl and a few more of our closest friends, we left the clan we were in and went out on our own. We had a competitive side to our group that we
had to pursue. We were all highly ranked on the World at War leader-boards for Headquarters at the time with Mossy achieving the highest of us all. To put it simply, we were good at what we did.
Fast forward a couple of years and a few more versions of Call of Duty, with the invention of Call of Duty Elite we decided to start our own official Call of Duty Elite Clan and start actively recruiting others to our online family. Mossy became the face of our clan and
even though we were all leaders, Mossy was the Leader of what would later become Axon Gaming. While many of the founders had a hand in various members joining over the years, it was Mossy who stepped up and brought in some of the absolute best Call of Duty players as well as the best people you'd ever want to be associated with. He put himself out there in the COD community as the face of Axon. To say he has done an outstanding job as the leader of Axon Gaming would be an understatement. Without him, Axon would not have the reputation and quality members that it has today. We need more people like Mossy in the Call of Duty community. I hope his values and leadership will be duplicated by not only Axon's but other clans future leadership for many years to come. Thank you Mossy for being my friend and everything you have done for not just Axon but also the entire COD Elite community. Welcome to the Hall of Fame my friend. 
R0K (Paul)

Hope that will work. 
Paul - R0K
Once upon a time,there was a good system for Call Of Duty elite.It was called Clan Ops where 40,000 clan would actually have the chance to enter instead of being forced to do so.Clans would gather up their best players and compete against other clans in their division.This would put the best from one clan up against the best of other clans.Only the top 6 would count to give you the best chance of winning.These Clan Ops actually required TALENT and SKILL not time played.Imagine that a Contest that requires skill!! OH MY GOD!! what will all the no skill scrubs do now? I tell you what they did they worked hard to get better and recruited better player or HERE IS AN IDEA!! They did not enter the clan ops because they had THAT OPTION!!
I fully understand what Beachhead is trying to do which is keep EVERYONE involved and thats fine clans who are not Platinum should have the 5 day war.Platinum wars should be treated similar to Diamond wars.They should be 36 hours long Saturday 12pm eastern to 12am Monday morning.All beachhead is doing is ruining everyone's gaming experience,not helping it.Being forced to enter is not fair and should not EVER happen.Let the people at Beachhead play a 5 day clan war on the worst cod ever and then lets see how much they enjoyed their gaming experience.

I know we in LG along with Lethal Energy,Axon and the former Wicked Elite ruined clan ops for many Heavyweight clan but thats why there was 3 divisions not 14 dam buckets.
The idea of clan wars can work but not until Beachhead finally listens to those people who play in the dam clan wars.

Sorry if the truth hurts people skill should be a major factor in a competition.No sports team wins a game because they have more people on there roster. You win because you have MORE TALENT.

Hammer out
Well the MLG Columbus has come and gone.I would like to thank Bert and Pete for all there hard work.Both teams played hard and represented Lethal Gaming with the class we would expect.While i am sure everyone would have liked a better placement at the end.Lets keep in mind that these teams are new and both have shown Great potential.I am sure both teams and the Lethal Gaming Comp Team will continue to work very hard.Nothing is built over night,something many of us need to remember.(myself included)It is only thru hard work and dedication can we achieve our goals.Bert and Pete are deeply invested in time and money into making Lethal Gaming a force in the Competitive scene.
Thank you all for your support,I look forward to seeing our teams in Orlando for the UMG event.
As for Lethal Gaming the clan as a whole we are very excited have signed all the paper work with @MLG we will have a channel up in a few weeks.Look for us on the MLG network.I feel this is just another piece of the puzzle coming together.

Thank you all 
Ed Hammer   
Lethal Gaming is the most decorated clan in Call of Duty history, holding 64 COD: ELITE championship badges. In addition to our success throughout MW3 and BO2, we were named the Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan War Champions, dominating the diamond division leaderboards. Lethal Gaming, which will henceforth be written as LG, has been a Call of Duty Clan since the release of the Treyarch title "Call of Duty: World at War." LG's leader and founder, Ed Hammer (LETHALxHAMMER), has led this clan through 64 Call of Duty Elite Clan Wars and one stunning victory in Clan Wars.

On top of the many victories and triumphs LG has had, LG is also known to be very family oriented and care very much for one another. We support each other in both times of victories, and times of hard ship. We are always there for one another when we play video games: always inviting one another to play and encouraging each other to get involved in clan affairs, being respectful to one another, staying positive, and sharing in good jokes and laughter. However, we have also been there for each other when a "family" is needed the most: through times of hardship, the loss of loved ones, when someones is needed to talk to, and so on. Many of our members know each other on somewhat of a personal level and we will stand by each other at all times. LG is a clan that has and always will be successful because we care about each other and in the group as a whole.

LG members do more than just play video games. In fact, we have always been involved in a great deal of things and know how to have a good time. For the past two years, Ed Hammer has invited the group to Florida for a week long vacation in which quite a few of us been involved in. I (Nacho) was blessed with the ability to participate in such vacation last year. We had an absolute blast! It was a great experience to get to know everyone and was also a great experience to get to know my "family" on a more personal level. From smashing into each other with go-carts, to golfing at one of the finest golf courses Disney has to offer, I will never forget the awesome experience.

LG does even more than that outside of video gaming. For the past two years, as well, we have held many charity events to give to those in need. Every year, including this year coming, we hold a 24 hour live-stream charity event on our twitch channel to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. I'm talking thousands of dollars have been raised for our wounded veterans. With event sponsors like Scuff Gaming, Squidgrips, Kontrol Freek, Gunner Glasses, and more, no wonder it was such a huge success. However, we have more to thank than our awesome event sponsors. The members of LG really know how to get together and collaborate to make our charity events a huge success.

What are LG's plans for the years to come? We will never give up, we will never compromise. We are Lethal Gaming and we will be the best we can be. There may be a time when we have to give up the title as the most Dominate Clan in Call of Duty; we may not. Who knows? One thing I do know is: with Ed hammer at the whelm of leadership, and with the assistance of others who mange the clan and its members, we will continue our success story, continue being the close knit family we are, and continue making memories that will last a lifetime.

I am Aaron Csetter (A Redneck Nacho) and I'm proud to be a member of Lethal Gaming. If you want to be apart of our clan as a member and continue with us on our journey, feel free to submit and application. If you want to support us in other ways, feel free to contact LETHALxHAMMER, or any of the other awesome members in leadership and we will be sure to do all that we can to get you involved. "LETHAL GAMING - TOGETHER WE WILL!"
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